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E1-M1 Institute is a premier institute of eastern Uttar Pradesh located at near about MNNIT Allahabad. Our teachers have atleast 15-20 years teaching experience and provide well planned systematic and scientific efforts to develop confidence because confidence is first stem towards the success. Every body wants to be the best and that is where we begin. Winners do not do different things but they do the same things differently, so we give our best to generate confidence amongst the students with maximum utilization of potential differently in order to get desired success. This Institute is located in Allahabad at near of MNNIT Allahabad.

Pt. Varun Kumar Pandey

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Address: Near about MNNIT Allahabad.
Telephone: 7388125888
Mobile: 7388124999
Website: www.e1m1institute.com
E-mail: contact@e1m1institute.com